Boys Futsal

On 30th January, Year 4 boys went down to the AstroTurf for a Futsal tournament.

Futsal is essentially football with a twist (and a lot less number of rules), it’s a five a side game which includes one goalkeeper for each side, with a much smaller pitch, mostly played indoor stadiums and a (slightly) different ball. With the small nature of the pitch, the players playing in the league need to have much more close control and better technique on the ball.   (taken from

Fourteen boys attended from Two Moors and we had some keen footballers and some that hardly ever play.

We played a mixture of 6-a-side and 7-a-side games, depending on how many were in the other team.  Both teams played well, and enjoyed the challenge.

Arthur and Callum were given certificates for self belief and determination, which was given to them by coaches that had been watching them throughout the morning.

Two Moors B team won the tournament, with Two Moors B team coming 3rd.

Well done boys!

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